Hartmut Rohde

In 1993, Hartmut Rohde was appointed a professorship at the Universität der Künste in Berlin, he also teaches at the Royal Academy of Music London, where, as a visiting professor and Honorary Member, he regularly gives Chamber Music and solo viola master classes.

Hartmut Rohde is a founding member of the Mozart Piano Quartet, which for many years has been regarded as one of the world’s leading Piano Chamber Music ensembles. He was a student in Vienna and Hannover, under the guidance of Hatto Beyerle.

Through recognition in various Competitions (1st prize in the Deutschen Musikwettbewerb and prize-winner in the International Naumburg Competition in New York, 1991) Hartmut Rohde’s performing career has blossomed to be intense and richly international. Tours as a soloist and also later with his Chamber Ensembles, have taken him to the USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, the CIS and throughout all parts of Europe. 



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Naantali Church


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Emotions, Imagination, Freedom - Romanticism!

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From the Shores of the English Channel

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